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the below stated is a finely crafted rant about nothing in particular, rich should not be blamed for whatever he says below, however he should be dragged in front of a firing range and probably shot…i mean wait….no i shouldnt….

rich is who i am, and rich is all i can be, i am me, i am rich, rich is me, to be around me is to have an “en-riching” experience…see what i did there? good.(arent puns a fun way to be an annoying prick?)
no im not rich as in money
but ive seen, done and have been through shit a lot of seventeen year olds shouldnt have to
im not proud of my life, nor am i ashamed of it, my life is my life, i am rich, rich is me
anywho, writing, how about it? um, i like doing it
moving on…
that whole thing, its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all
the above stated
is a lie
it is a farce
live by it if you wish, but when someone stabs u in the back, dont come write about it on ficlets…or…do…i like reading them, and hell, i did it too
basically love sucks, and losing it is better than having it because the less time u have it the less it hurts when u lose it
if anyone actually takes the time to read this i will give you one dollar…and thirty six cents
ok, so i dont HAVE one dollar and thirty six cents PER SAY, but i can get it…what…u dont believe me? well fine
dont read this, go back in time and stop yourself…
whats that? cant do it? damn, neither can i…that would have been cool….too bad theres this whole thing called physics or something
hmm, i wonder how long i can keep going with this…damn, running out of ideas…um haha, masticate…oh, right, sorry im supposed to be ranting
moving on…
how awesome would it be if i got featured ficlet for having this wicked awesome bio? i think i would have to find a way to clone a baby dodo bird (not to be confused with the equaly extinct doodoo bird, which was just gross) rais said dodo bird from hatchling to full grown adulthood and snap its neck and use it to dust furnature
wow, this thing can really go
its keeping up with me
hahahahaha, masticate…oh, right, already said that
rock and roll is the hamburger that ate the world
thats it for random quote time
i mean
what else is there, i mean seriously a freakin HAMBURGER that like
eats worlds
thats pretty friggen awesome
i think theres a story in that somewhere…

and so our hero deliberates,and begins 
writing a wicked bad ass story about a huge ass hamburger eating the world but then gets bored
and decides to write about a girl
i mean
come on
hamburger vs. female
the hamburger only wins out like...
60 percent of the time

sorry for those who actually read this, i was just rly bored and felt like instead of actually writing something of substance i could write one long line of ridiculous thoughts
thanks to those who read this, i really appreciate it
to everyone else
well, cant rly say anything to you, u stopped reading…

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