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Sometimes, I just want to move to Southern California, live by the beach, and open up my own little coffee shop, and spend my time collecting vinyl records, and come home every night to a man that wears Joy Division tshirts and makes a living making comic books. To hell with everyone else.

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My Series

The Manhatten Project (with Living In Wonder Land) – a journey of two girls living in New York City.

Mara & Vicki (with Band Baby) – two very different girls who happen to be best friends and the trouble they get into…and then some.

The Starbucks Girlmeet Meg, she’s angsty, she’s a barista, and she can’t make up her mind about the world sometimes. especially when it comes to guys or how to manage her local Starbucks.

Velvet- a delightful tale of a damsel in distress and her rescuer that pays by the hour!

Open Mic Nighta drunken fan at a smokey nightclub and the guy that pukes on her shoes. amusing hijinks and love ensues.

Vernaadd one angsty pseudo bohemian teen, a geek in a star wars tshirt, a dart gun and throw them all into high school life and feel the drama steaming like fresh pancakes.

Letters to Amberlyshe’s smitten. he’s kind of a snob. but they write each other letters of sweetness and desparity. watch for weird pop culture references and a suprise collision with another series.

Last Dance With Mary Janeshe had an epiphany and now she’s taken off in her VW bus without telling anyone. now she’s being followed by an Indian medicine woman, picking up hitchhikers, and learning a little along the way.

Fritz and Zooeytwo neurotic hipsters that see life on a different side of the mirror and always get into random shenanigans whether its odering waffles or proving their theory about their neighbour’s suspected kitten smuggling ring.

Untitled Love Story (with Culture Shock w/Mike Schwartz and THX 0477) – the quirky love story of Pierre and Marguerite and the sometimes violent and crude interruptions from the bawdy Izzy her stalker/body guard Renard…and the occassional gun weilding drug dealers.

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