I’m Warmheart. In a mix between having wonderful friends, playing the piano, being a “nerd” at school, dancing from the heart and trying to please everyone. I somehow find time to LOVE writing. My stories are something I can pore my whole into. I put somethig of me in them, and get to go wherever, be whomever I want. It’s probably one of the greatest things I do.
Series. (might as well name them. . .)
Affairs of the heart
Love in the late 19th centurary, especially for poor Evelyn, can be hard. Will she ever be able to marry some one she loves?
Kiss of the Forest
Love, what an odd thing. Especially when you’re in love with a boy who stalks the forest and is unknown to the real world. Tag along with Fay on her exciting journey through a “wild” love.
Now there have been others I’ve just left off, and many little random ficlets I write. Go ahead and sequel/prequel them all you want!!!!

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