Tears of Phoenix

I’m back, after a hiatus of sorts. Feel free to critique me however you wish. I find direct critique much more useful than the “Oh I loved it, the only problem was your story” kind of thing. Disclaimer: You can tell me my story sucks all you like, but please tell me WHY it sucked. That way I’ll know what to fix.

I tend to write only when I have strong emotion. I find the works produced in fits of indifference or just “okay” moods to be pretty boring and forced. I try to avoid overused and tired lines but sometimes I can’t help it. My works are usually depressing, but I’m generally not sad. I just tend to write to not feel that way (kinda like transferring the sad to the words and then feeling better cause it’s in print and not in me. Does that make sense?)

Fun Descriptions!
“Smells Like Ghosts”.
“She entered the bar one hip at a time”.
“He had an aura of danger about him. Not the ‘Oh, how cool is he?’ kind of danger, but the ‘One step closer and you will be missing a body part’ kind of danger”.
“Slightly crazy. Hint of nuts and cinnamon?”.

I like Stovohobo’s work a lot. Also, Ana Cristina has fabulous work, as well as THX 0477. I like to make people think.

I’ve joined the League of Awesomeness! I’m now the Awesomeness Consultant! (For more info visit

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