Dead [continued41]

The following week. It was hell. She felt excited, depressed, loved, used, stupid, amused, everything. She called HIM once everynight. Sorry babe, sorry mamita, sorry baby…im busy. Her ex still couldnt get it through his head. He stalked her. She got back with him, her boyfriend, the latinking. Somehow things were different she treated him like shit, she wanted more from him in every way. She would compare him to her lover. Boyfriend, would get mad. He became worst, he mistreated her, he didnt want to go to work, he kept quitting with lame excuses, he dropped out of school, he stalked her every waking miniute. There was no sense of privacy for her. He noticed slightly she no longer desired to have sex with him, two or three brief comments were made. The burnt pink sheets were never used on her bed again. She openly discussed her disasisfacion with his behavior, perhaps she became cocky? She and her lover talked secretly but he had a new girlfriend. No time for her but time for other girlfriends. Anger…

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