Sea Fever

This morning I want to Be. At the beach. Near the ocean. With my camera. With my songs. Whispering. Singing. Talking to the ocean. I can see the sun and it is white. I’m listening to my favorite beach radio station on my walkman. What’s a walkman? Listening just as I did through high school, college … the soundtrack to my beach lives.

This afternoon I will go boogie boarding. Taking another long walk. Reading Vogue. Writing poems. My toes—digging a secret tunnel in the sand. Catching sandcrabs and naming them.

Tonight we’ll go to the best restaurant in the world (in my opinion) and order the best crab dip in the world (everyone’s opinion!) Maybe do some shopping. Catch up with my favorite shop owners. Coffee shops. Bookstores. See how business is going. They know me by name. They know how I like my iced lattes, which non-fiction books I like … they know the gemstones I collect.

Small ocean village town. My sandy, dusty and beautiful home.

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