Writing it out

I dont know what Im doing or where Im going. Not even where Im suppose to be. I dont know why Im the way I am or if its even normal. I dont even know if I want to be normal. Its weird. The things that go on in my head. I stress myself out for no reason at all. Always thinking of the worse. Stressing myself until my head hurts and I make myself sick with worry. All for what? Whatever is meant to be, will be. Theres nothing I can do. I cant speed or today, nor can I predict tomorrow. And I cant change the past. All I can do is wait. Wait until it happens. Be it good or bad. Who knows what will happen. But I just hate waiting. I hate not knowing. I hate having to wonder. Why do I think so much. So here I am writing it out. I’ve been trying to keep my mind off of things but Im running out of things to do. My mind keeps returning to the same thing. Sometimes I wish there was a mute button to the thoughts in my head. But theres only this. Thinking, rambling, more thoughts, stress, anxiety, worry, pain. sigh

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