Beauty and ugliness

They say the stars are like jewels of the sky and the moon being its diamond pendant. My parents used to tell me this when I was a child and we came to the beach often at night. But now I come alone…

I stand here near the ocean shores, legs concealed by the veil of knee-deep dark water, calm waves gently crashing against my frail form as if to greet a newcomer. The breeze of cool air brushes caringly against my skin as if to wipe away the streaming tears of pain. Blowing the tangle of dark hair into my face and I push them aside for nature to see my scars. Yes, scars. I have scars from a fire incident.

There is nothing to console me but the comfort of silence and whisper of the gentle wind. I glance at my hideous reflection in the water, but the ripple of my teardroplets and waves do not let me see.

I feel weightless, as if a great burden had just been taken of me. Once again my eyes glance back up at the moon and gazing at its wonderful radiance, it makes me feel beautiful…

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