Science Class Blues

I watch the clock…meaningless ticking. I empty my pencilcase. Eraser Soldiers time! I line up the little end-of-pencil erasers, their faces and uniforms drawn in now-faded ink. Captain paces up and down, surveying his troops.
“Onwards! The Pencil Monster must be defeated!”
His trusty troops leap onto their mechanical pencil planes, bravely darting nearer and nearer toward the Pencil Monster to shoot led javelins and eraser bombs.
It’s no use! The soldiers, having used the last of their ammunition, parachute down, leaving their planes to self destruct in the Pencil Monster’s face. The soldiers scurry around to the dugout and their waiting Captain.
“You did well, men. It’s not your fault. The Monster is simply undefeatable! We must-”
The Captain breaks off as I realize that I am alone in the room. In my attempt to make the time go faster, I haven’t heard the bell! This is what happens when childhood follows you into adolescence. I gather my stuff, dashing out of the room, heading Onwards To English.

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