So Cliche 3 1/2

The prince, of course, being the stuck up idiot that he is, sent his less well known brother Prince Morgan to remove the shoe. Prince Morgan who was used to being ordered around like a servant since the entire royal family treated him as such, promptly removed the offending shoe. As he was disposing of it he noticed that the shoe was not ugly, just old, overused and quite rank.
As the days wore on and the royal family kept him working like the proverbial Cinderella, Morgan couldn’t help but wonder about the shoe. Was there some girl out there, just like him, forced to work harder than the lowest servants just because she wasn’t first in line for the throne?!
Prince Morgan blinked as his train of thought came to a halt with an almost audible crash. Whoa! Reality check. he thought. He was letting his own problems get in the way of sensible thinking. He sighed.

Once again, Prince Morgan felt truly, competely alone.

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