Pink Miniskirt

Ash stared at him a moment. “I was thinking about it.” she answered. “Why?” Jerry opened his mouth to answer, but never got the chance.
Marianne Spencer flounced up to him. “Jeremiah Springfield! What a surprise to see you here!” Ash rolled her eyes. Marianne had been looking right at them when they walked into the store.
“Um, hi Marianne.” Jerry said, looking slightly annoyed. Marianne was pratically glowing, everything she wore was pink.
“Jerry, please take off those pants!” Ash begged. “Oh Jeremiah!” Marianne cried. “Those pants look so hot on you!”Jerry turned bright red. Ash’s mouth fell open in shock. “You-You’re not serious.” Marianne gave Ash a look of open contempt. “I’m always serious Ashcroft. “Ash’s face flushed with anger. “It’s Ash.” she bit out. He put a hand on her shoulder. “Ash.” She closed her eyes and counted to ten. “Let’s go.” They turned to go. “Jeremiah wait!” He turned around. “Yes?” “Will you go to the dance with me?”Jerry grinned at her. “Sorry, I’m going with someone else.”

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