We Know

I can always count on you
To be there when I need you
And I love you
And you know that
Because I’m there for you too
Always and forever
You can count on me

You know I know you know the real me
I know you know I know the real you
And together we see each other
With respect and honesty
And we can be ourselves around each other because we care
We are who we are
And nothing can change that
And that’s ok with us
Because we like who we are
And we love who each other is

We don’t have to talk
We don’t have to kiss
We don’t have to hug
We just have to know
And we know
We know we are in love
But not true love
Like with marriage
Just friend love
Where we’ll never change
I know I’ll never change
Because you like who I am
And you’ll never change
Because I like you just the way you are

And we’ll be together forever
At least until the end of time
And you’re always in my heart
And I’m always in yours
That’s all we have to know
And we know

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