Storm Cruisers

Morgan, Quarry, Seline and Rory stared over the rail of the cruise ship Storm Cruiser.
“I thought today would never come.” Seline grinned. They were going on an around the world cruise. They would be at sea all summer.

"Yeah, I could barely sleep last night." Quarry commented. They had been saving and working for a year and a half to pay for this cruise.

The foghorn sounded the final boarding call and a short time later the deck lurched as the ship pulled away from the dock.
“Our perfect summer starts now.” Rory said, running a hand through his black hair. The others nodded.

Morgan’s deep voice broke the silence. “Last one in the pool is captain of the Titanic!” he cried and ran off to find his swim trunks.
“Not fair!” Quarry yelled, and the rest of them took off to find their swimsuits.

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