Scenes from a Soap Opera

Lily stormed down the hallway towards the lunch room. She grabbed her lunch quickly and put it on the table. “I can’t believe they want me to perform this crap!” she hissed, slamming the script on the table in front of her best friend, Elianna.
Elianna looked up from her food and scanned the script. She looked disgusted. “You’re right, this is crap.” she said. ” ‘I love it when you talk evil.’ Please.”
A shadow passed over the script. Elianna and Lily looked up.
“Can I sit with you guys?”
A totally drool worthy guy stood over them. He was at least 6 feet tall and had longish black hair and greenish bluish eyes.
“Um…” Lily started.
“Sure!” Elianna said. “Anyone’s welcome here.”

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