When Love Is Found At Last #2

As I’m getting dressed the doorbell rings. Knowing who it is I hurry to get my skirt and shoes on and run down stairs. The night before Jake told me he wanted to go to dinner so he said he would pick me up today. I made sure my hair was fine and that I had my purse. Then I finally decided to open the door. Jake was leaning against the wall with a boquet of roses in his hand. He looked so handsome with his hair combed and a sweet smile on his face. I smiled back and knew I was blushing. He handed me the roses and told me I was beautiful. I closed the door as we started heading toward the car. He opened the front door for me and I sat down then he closed it and went to the other side. While we were in the car I couldn’t help noticing how happy he was. It was strange to see him this way. I tried not to think about why. Not knowing where we were going I asked him in a polite way. He didn’t answer but just smiled. After about twenty minutes he parked in front of a small restaraunt. To be continued.

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