As soon as she hit the water, she felt the transformation begin. Her legs joined, her gills protruded, and her hair turned silvery green and grew several inches per second, until it hit the small of her back. She felt her eyes widen and bulge as they adapted themselves for seeing in the water. Her nails also turned silvery green and grew alarmingly fast, until they were deadly sharp and hard as rocks. her ears pointed and her teeth grew into sharp fangs that made her smile look like a grimace. Her charm hung limp until she touched the deep onyx stone in the middle of it. Then it lengthened and slimmed into a gleaming unearthly sword.

She sent out her call, listening intently for any soundsign of Matt. From in the murky seaweed patch, her call came back, shaped by a struggling figure.

Then Laurielle went to find her human.

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