Wished it was Back

I was completely surprised by this action of his, to be honest. I flinched a little.

Not because I didn’t want him to do that, but because it was totally unexpected.

Ok, partially because I hadn’t wanted him to do that.

Sure, the movie was scary. But when his arm came in contact with my shoulders, my stomach flipped and my cheeks tingled.

Thank goodness he couldn’t see my bright red cheeks in the dark.

He felt me flinch, though, even if he couldn’t see my flushed face.

Jake looked over, and in the blue glow from the movie screen I could see that he looked a little worried.

“Sorry,” I muttered, and he shook his head.

“No, I’m sorry.”

He pulled his arm back, and my tense muscles relaxed a bit.

My stomach calmed.

My cheeks cooled.

But, quite unexpectedly, I sort of wished that he put his arm back there.

I didn’t have long to dwell on this, though, because the move heated up again, getting scary.

So I hid down in my seat, looking through my hands at the screen.

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