First Day of Autumn

I survey the lush green landscape, laid out like an overflowing cornucopia. The trees come in blazing shades of auburn and jade green. Leaves crunch under my feet as I aimlessly wander the rolling scenery.

I wonder about how this all came to be. There is some force that drives Nature, surely, but what is it? Mere science cannot possibly explain the creativity that Nature wields, the subtle intricacies of the breeze and ecosystems and leaves changing and animals surviving and seasons and…see? The list is endless. Science has proven many things and has helped us understand so much, but there are things that humans are not meant to know. Some ideas are just as “illogical” as the others deemed that.

I also notice that Nature is perfect in so many ways. Everything is connected, like the delicate ant traipsing around my foot, so purposeful in its direction and yet unafraid of new encounters. Seeing this, you might notice—the only imperfect or even ugly things are man-made.

Autumn. Wow.

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