Maybe Ghost story's 2

Kay and Judy slammed the door.
I’m coming for you” the haunting voice said
Judy cried hysterically, they could feel the icy cold air wrapping around their feet and moving up their legs.
Kay ran to the window and opened it, it slammed just missing her fingers, “Judy help me ”, Kay, was alone in the room and the door was open.
She ran down stairs to the front door, it slammed shut.
She pulled on the knob, it wouldn’t open.
She stopped and looked up the stairs,
he was coming for her.
So you ‘ve come for me,” she said?
Thunder echoed through the house, Kay’s eyes turned black as night, she raised her hand and pointed at the man.
The man pointed at her; so you think you can take me?
She smiled.
Energy shot through her, she flinched.
She raised her other hand releasing energy from her finger tips, and dropped him to his knees.
She sneered. “Release my friends” she ordered.
Yes, mistress it’s done”.
She opened her hand an cast a fireball, sending him back into the darkness.

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