By Her Side

Some hearts were meant to be broken. Love was an over rated feeling that caused pain. Hearts were often captured so people could watch them shrivel up.
There was a boy who lead a girl on. He stole her heart with a knife he found. He waited until he knew she could bleed.
She was an unexpected victim. Throwing smiles in the garbage. Picking up lost toys.She had a lonely heart that lacked friends and real emotion.
One day she found the wandering boy that she could call her own. Little did she know he had other plans. He was ready to pounce. Yet, the girl did have one friend- Suzie. She brought her weapons. Never before had she seen such a cold heart. Wearing leg warmers and a scarf, it knew no boundaries. The heart was armed and ready to take Suzie to the grave.
With all his might, the boy tried to run, forgetfully releasing his stray heart.
The girl’s heart sensed another. Together they were reunited.
Love could never be wasted, not even on worthless souls. There’s always one.

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