If I Go Back

I knew that Johnny still cared for me and wanted me back. But what was I to do if I didn’t love him anymore. If I knew that his love would be enough for the both of us and that I could forgive him I would go back for sure. If only he knew that it was his own doing that caused me not to love him. “Johnny I do so wish that we were still together and happy.”

Johnny was the cause of our pain. Could I forgive him, even if I did would the council and the city alow me back in. Even if he was the one to cheat, I was the one who left. So I was the one who broke the law by their book.

If Johnny was to drop his charge agianst me and say that our disput was over, then I would be aloud to return. I now am pregnant again and if he knew that he probably would. But do I want to return now being with child and them to think that it is of another.

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