The one sole item that had brought destruction to the pitiful land. It was also the reason why Mahri’s parents were dead. In a land already dying, it was a powerful and valuable element. And her parents had killed for it, bringing their own demise. They were now dead, and all hope was lost for her. Except for the one tiny ember, the fact that her brother was still alive somewhere in that world.
It was true, somehow that her much dearly beloved brother was still alive. Alasal had disappeared at the age of 13. Well, not disappeared really, but more of a violent race for life that had seemed to turn out so horribly wrong.
They had thought he was dead.
For 6 years.
For 6 years she had lived with ought a piece of her heart, she remembered the horrible agony that she had felt. She remembered the Pain. The pain that had always been there, even when the other pieces of her life started to crumble , even through some happy times, the unhealing wound left by here brother she still felt.

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