“You realize what’s on the line here, right?”

“But of course. It is impossible for one to forget the meaning of one’s life.”

“Just making sure, you know, because…I’m putting you in check! HA!”

“Ah, but what if I move out of it like this, and put you in check?”

“Ah—hmm…let me think…ooooh, I shall move like this, blocking you from putting me in check.”

“Oh, err…haha, I shall kill that piece with my bishop!”

“But now I’ve killed your bishop. Oh, too bad…”

“And now, I’m putting you in checkmate!”

“What? No! How could I not have foreseen such an obvious ploy? You terrible trickster, you!”

“Yes, I know, I’m terrible…Now hand over the video game!”


“A deal’s a deal, mate. Now hand it over and get back to your SAT prep class!”

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