Don't Squeeze the Charmin

In the dark, Suzanne missed the upturned seat of the toilet bowl only to feel the cold porcelain touch her backside.

Cursing she finished her business and reached for the Charmin finding the empty card board roll instead.

“I don’t understand how difficult it is to put the seat down or change the toilet paper!” She yelled through the door, hoping to wake her snoring husband.

Grabbing the emergency box of tissues she kept on the back of the bowl, she completed her trip to the bathroom.

As she washed her hands and squinted in the dark towards the mirror, a cold trickle through her spine wriggled it’s way up her body and planted the seeds of revenge.

Mike awoke the next morning and stepped into the shower, unsuspecting of the woman who pretended to sleep comfortably in the bed they had shared for 10 years.

This would be the most interesting day in his young 35 year old life.

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