Room 121

Adrien tugged away from Greg’s grasp, sliding towards room 121’s door for some inexplicable reason. He reached out a hand.

“Adrien! What are you doing?” Greg whispered fiercely.

“I need—to get in that…room,” Adrien gasped.

“No! We’re leaving!” Greg jerked him back, squeezing Adrien’s shoulder tighter.

Suddenly, Adrien looked at him like a child who didn’t get the toy he wanted. He curled up in a ball and wrapped his arms around his legs. “I’m sorry,” he sobbed.

“Adrien, what’s wrong with you?” Greg said, looking around. He pulled Adrien back up. “You’ve been a wreck!”

Adrien shot up, looking around, as if breaking out of a trance. “Gregory? Oh, I’m—” He touched his fingers to his cheeks, tracing the tears’ tracks down his face. “What’s…oh, what’s happening to me?” he muttered in a terrified voice.

“It’s—it’s okay,” Greg stammered. He put an arm around him and led him through the halls.

“I just needed to get in that room…” Adrien murmured, looking dazed.

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