Looking for a Heart of Gold

Let me tell you about myself. I am a possibly bisexual male living in Virginia, I’m 19, and right about now I feel as if I were writing some sort of “want ad” for some trashy personal section. Two words for that: Oh well. I’ve spent almost nine years now searching for that special someone. He or she still hasn’t come around yet, and so on I wait. I get jealous of certain types of people. For instance, I absolutely adore those skinny petite guys with the striped black and grey hoodies, blond hair, and blue eyes..I really want to hug them..but they’re always with a girl, or else are so ambiguous I just want to give up. Then there are the brunette girls here who seem to love me, although it would seem to me that they are being ambiguous about that too. Me? I’m tall, brown/brown, skin color = tanned caucasian haha. Aside from that, I do have some sort of social disorder that keeps me from being able to read people’s body language. I don’t “get” social signals. So,

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