Laurielle nearly cried with relief.

Glayelle, I need you.

Maybe you should have realized that before you stole Adrastos…remember him? replied the tart voice.

Laurielle laughed bitterly.

I never stole him, we were never anything but friends.

I don’t believe you.

All right then, thought Laurielle, as proof that I’m not involved with any mermen, come help me save my man.

Man as in…human? asked Glayelle, sounding both shocked and curious.

Yes! Yes! cried Laurielle with relief. Quickly, she flashed pictures of the recent events through her head, leaving Glayelle only the smallest of seconds to see the Kraken.

The Kraken’s back?! said Glayelle with tangible fear in her thoughts.

Yes…long story, but I need you to come help save my boyfriend, Matt, and transform me back to a human state. Please help!, she begged.

“All right, all right, enough with the dramatic retelling,” said a voice from up on the dock, “By the way, very nice looking manfriend, or whatever they’re called.”

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