Drug-Induced Ramblings of a Ripped Apprentice

I have so much to write. I hope I remember it all.

Visions. What if your thoughts don’t come to you in words. What if you are trying to describe to someone what you are thinking, trying to let them in, trying to let them help. But words can’t always portray what you feel when you think in visions.

Images. What if you can’t decipher their meaning. What if you have to spend your whole life analyzing your own thoughts. What if you spend your whole life trying, and you never succeed. Does happiness waste its time on a person who doesn’t know himself?

Life’s dirty trick. You see Mr. Spacely from the Jetsons screaming “JUST DRAW THE DAMN PICTURES ” (except you see it in drawn in Spanish because you have a quiz on commands tomorrow). You see Life laughing because It made you fucking terrible at drawing.

I hope I remembered it all.

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