The Defenestration of Prague

“Ugh, Catholics, can’t stand the sight of them,” and with that Protestant #1 turned and spit, wanted to rid his mouth of the uncleanliness of saying the word.

“Yeah? Well at least we’re all going to heaven! Your dumb lot says you have to be prosperous, and you aren’t, so you’re pretty much screwed!”

“That’s the Calvinists, you nitwit, I’m Lutheran!”

“Still dumb!”

“You take that back!”


A minor tussle ensued, meant mostly to take vent the frustrations of the two, but soon more became involved

“Oy! unhand our mate!” and so forth. Punches were thrown, rights were hooked, and amongst the chaos, 2 Catholics backed out of a window, fell 7 stories, and then the event goes 1 of 2 ways

The Protestants, embittered by their misfortune thus far in the war, brought them up to the highest tower and pushed them. Halfway down, when all hope seemed to be lost, they were caught by angels and placed safely on the ground. If you’re Catholic

The Protestants say the two landed in a pile of manure

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