The Insane Knight Finds Some Clothes

“Pardon me, kind sir!” someone shouted from behind. Martin jumped in surprise. He didn’t expect anyone else to be taking the path through the woods at this hour. He turned to look, stared for a moment, then turned and staggered on down the path. He had way too much to drink at the pub, and now he was seeing a dragon with a naked man and a headless dwarf riding on its back.

He turned to look again. The dragon was almost staring him in the face. The naked man looked down at him from the dragon’s back and spoke again. “Sir, could you be so kind as to give us your clothes and some food? We’ve already had to eat my friend’s temporary head for nourishment. We are on a quest to find the scoundrel who chopped off his real head! You’re not the scoundrel are you?”

Martin’s drunken brain tried to take this in. “Uh. Yah ate a head? Dat yer Dragon, sir?” he asked.

“Tis a Horse, you Alcoholic!” the Insane Knight shouted. “Remove your clothes or Tlod will kick your ass!”

Martin removed his clothes.

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