What Freddy Gets

The man howled in pain and jerked his hand away from the car window. “You fuckin’ bitch! I’ll kill your ass!”

Tessa’s heart raced as she backed away from the car. The man got out of the car and rushed at her. His eyes seemed like they’d pop out of their sockets at any second, something that Tessa’s mother would have described as Psycho Eyes.

She reached for the nearest suitcase. I hope this is the right one, she thought as she quickly unzipped the cover. She covered her face as a bright blue light burst from the suitcase and absorbed Psycho Eyes. One minute he was rushing at Tessa, the next minute he was gone. Guess that was the right one. I wonder if it’ll work on the car? Tessa pushed the suitcase closer to Psycho Eyes’ car and the blue light dissolved it from existence.

Tessa looked around, wondering if anyone saw what had just went down. Everything happened so fast that she wondered if it even happened at all. That didn’t matter now. What did matter was that she wanted a cig.

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