Do Not Read, Unless...

The beauty of ficlets is not in the solitary expression of creative power but the potential for cooperation, collaboration, and consultation. This grand experiment thrives as we reach outside of ourselves to experience the world of creativity through the eyes and pens of others.

I give you yet another un-challenge challenge, an oddity of a dare, if you will. Indeed, I shall go so far as to make it ‘double dog’. It’s too late to back out now. You’ve read this far and must continue. I expect no less.

Here’s the dare, you self-centered rabble. Go! Go now and sequel three ficlets by other people. Prequel if you must. Unlike other challenges, I can’t see what you’ve done, cause they can’t all show up conveniently as sequels to the challenge. I realize this. I’m not an idiot, just an eccentric.

There’s no prize. This is an un-challenge after all. Just go and do. Spread the love, as I, having issued the dare, will go and do likewise, whether people want me to sequel their stuff or not.

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