“Glayelle!” Laurielle sobbed with relief.


“I’m so glad you’re here, you have no idea how much I need you!”

“All right, Laurielle, just calm down. The first thing we’ll need to do is transform you and get you out of there, otherwise you’ll get poisoned and that won’t help anything,” started Glayelle. She had always been very good at directing people.

“But…I thought mermyds were immune to the Kraken’s poison or something…Poseidon, I don’t know anymore, it’s been too long…” Laurielle trailed off, looking crestfallen.

“Well, being an unemployed mermyd is never easy,” said Glayelle sympathetically. “Yes, we’re not so easily poisoned as humans, but we’re not totally immune either.”


Quickly, Glayelle transformed Laurielle back into Lauri, the normal human girl with a devoted boyfriend-who was now lying unconscious and soaked on the dock.

“All right, now what?” asked Lauri.

“Now we heal him,” said Glayelle firmly.

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