Suddenly, Matt sat straight up, gasping and coughing, spewing out various liquids at an extraordinary speed.

“Need! Shaman!” he said between violent coughing fits.

Shaman? thought Glayelle and Lauri at the same time.

“Mat…?” asked Lauri, sounding scared despite herself.

“Lauri…” he managed weakly, “I have…something to say.”

“Okay,” she replied, trying to sound calm, “Go ahead and tell me.”

Lauri, I think… thought Glayelle.

Hush, Matt’s saying something, she thought rather rudely back.

But, Lauri, Matt…Matt…


“Lauri…I’m…I’m a goblin. I know you thought I was a human, but, but, see, I’m undercover, to fight a monster, called a Kraken…I’m so sorry…” he trailed off, looking beaten and guilty.

See? Now he can’t be your manfriend! You know about the ancient enmity between goblins and mermyds! Is it rude to say ‘I told you so’? exploded Glayelle.

“Matt…Matt…I, I…” Lauri couldn’t even speak for the lump in her stupid human throat.

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