Finally! 50th Ficlet! Brought to You By: Yeah Write!

It has become ficlets tradition to make a challenge upon reaching your 50th, 100th, etc. ficlet, however, I say “screw tradition!” I made a very lovely contest less than 15 ficlets ago and I have decided that I shall post the much-anticipated results for that as my 50th, 51st, and 52nd ficlets! Now, beginning with honorable mentions (and Stovohobo-worthy titles as promised):

The Snickering in my Straight Jacket Award goes to… Amaryllis for her accurate portrayal of my daily life! (and swiss cheese metaphor)

The Tasteful Nomenclature Award goes to… Kermitgorf for such characters as “Mr. Quinoa” and “Peter Sorghum” and of course for the final line “Alas, poor Yorick”

The Speakerphone Satire Award goes to… Blueyedwonder’s “Code One!” for it’s melodrama with a comedic approach!

The Perfectly Picturesque Portrayal of Puppy Love Award goes to… Officially for officially turning a classic love story into a tasty treat

2nd and 1st place will be popping up sometime randomly throughout the night!

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