"I Don't Know How to Pray."

“I don’t know how to pray.â€?

“Just try. Let it come, as if you’re talking to a friend.â€?

“Okay, I’ll try.â€?

“Good girl. Goodnight, Sophie!â€?


Dear God, It’s me, Sophie. I don’t know if you know me, if you remember me from when you created me. At least, so the story goes. I’m not sure if I believe in you, yet, God. Because if you do exist, you haven’t been very nice to me. Or maybe it’s just me who hasn’t been very nice.

I know I’m worthless. But if I’m worthless, God, then why would you have created me? Do I have a reason to be here? I mean, I’m just a girl. How much can I be expected to know? I’m just a girl, down here in this mess, trying to figure out…well…everything.

Do I have a place? Do you care about me? I know there are girls all over who need you much more than I do. Will you find time to listen to me, or do you have better things to do? I know I’m not a “good girl.â€? But God, if you’re really up there, won’t you please try to find a moment for me? I’m lost down here…

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