a mess of chaos, the sounds in the dark

Even though I only remember segments of time from that point on, I can tell you that it was pure chaos starting from the first sound of that menacing, evil laughter.
The kind of laughter that sent chills all the way down your spine, not the kind you hear from your silly, drunk uncles at Thanksgiving.
One of the boys started running around the house in panic, sending glass and god only knows what shattering everywhere.
I sat down on something dusty that smelled like moth-balls, shaking and crying.
Finally everyone kind of came to their senses and quieted down.
“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ?” Clay demanded, God he was mad, I could hear it in his voice.
Though I also could hear that slight waver the others didn’t pick up on, the one that gave away he was scared too.

Clay moved to the window and peered out, I buried my head in my hands. I heard breaking glass and a horrific noise,
a mix between a cry and a gasp for air.
A sound so chilling i still wake up from nightmares of hearing it.
Then i passed out.

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