Noble Creatures

You, Lord Corvinus are a fool! For days we feasted on the blood of our enemies, all the while starving yourself. “It doesn’t befit a vampire of my status to eat these…... swine.” You said, and in your impudence your hunger grew. You of such high nobility, days later in a starved frenzy stole down to the village to drink the blood of children. You, who in your “regal” ignorance never learned to read because it was beneath your station, drank the blood and turned orphans in their sleep. The beauty of the situation, is that the orphanage as many signs declare is for the mentally retarded! HA! Feasting on animals and each other, leaving blood and bile in the streets! Your “children” are a gaggle of uncontrolled beasts, savage creatures who are not fit to exist. You must go back to the village, in the filth and slaughter they brought and kill them. Every last abomination!

We are noble Corvinus, noble CREATURES . You best remember that. Now begone, Lord of the beasts. HA HA HAAAAAAAA !

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