New Beginnings

We were just 4 when we first swung together on that rickety old swing my father had hung from the tree in my backyard. I miss it so. The tree is still there, but that rickety old swing just couldn’t keep up with time. I suppose all things break down.
“Jess, want to go on a walk with me?” I nod and follow you slowly out the door and into the yard on our usual path.
There, swaying in the country breeze was a wooden swing, freshly painted, hanging from that old oak tree.
“You didn’t!”
I sit down on it. It creaks, not quite as the old one did, but then again, nothing could replace that great swing.
“I did.” I stare at you for a moment as you sit down next to me.
“Thank you Ian,” I say with a smile, the setting sun making my eyes squint.
“Hey, everything deserves a new beginning, right?” you smile softly.
Your smile fades as I lean in and our lips meet.
“Yes, I suppose all things do deserve a new beginning,” I say with a grin.
The swing creaks as I jump up and you chase me just as you did when we were 4.

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