Fritz and Zooey: In Which Zooey Meets the Mysterious Man in the Red Pants

Too confused to make any logical decisions or actions, Zooey blindly made her way into a reasonably crowded coffee shop, sitting far in the dimly lit back at a small table for two. She absently stroked the cat and called a waitress for a cup of coffee.

She didn’t know what to do. Zooey hadn’t even digested the whole scene she had just witnessed, but the shock of the matter hung limply over her like a drooping cloud.

She knew she was doomed when it came to ever even considering a relationship with anyone.

Zooey gave in to her grief and put her head down on the table, trying not to fog it up with her heavy breathing.

The other chair at her table made a screeching sound against the floor, as if someone was moving it. She didn’t look up, but she glanced down underneath the table and was met with the sight of two well polished black dress shoes connected to legs wearing bright red trousers.

Red pants? Zooey thought shocked for a moment.

She lifted her head slowly.

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