Jolie awoke to a brushing on her cheek. The house cat had wandered into her room. “Pretty kitty… What’s the matter?” She asked sleepily. The cat led her outside into the garden. Alexa stood by the fountain.
“Come with me.” She said. Jolie followed her fearfully. She could not concentrate long enough to create a “distraction”.”I do not wish to harm you, child. I wish to help you.”
“Monsieur Lambert says-”
“Monsieur Lambert is a liar. For years, he has been taking in children, making them believe their parents have perished, only to stop me.”
“What? My parents are still alive?” Jolie’s eyes were hopeful.
“Oh, quite. The secret to Lambert’s success is the soup. Warn the others! Do not let them eat it!” Alexa left Jolie by the door to the house.
Quietly, Jolie crawled into bed and fell asleep.

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