Caged Heart

Hanging in a cage, she could see the key dangling below. It was haunting her. Sylvia was petrified of heights and rocking the cage was not helping the case. She was stuck, and knew she put herself up there. She built the cage, the hurdles, and ultimately the pain. It was the life she knew. It was inescapable. She tried, she really did. Yet, the more she tried, the less things matter.The stars were too far to reach. The sky slipped between her fingers. It was just her and the lonely world. Sylvia was alone. No one could fill the gaps. Flowers died before they could properly grow. There was no oxygen.
As the rocking increased, the taunts grew louder. Nothing was faint. It echoed through her ears. Slow and steady. Steady and slow. The world was colliding. Moving back and forth. With her anger and impatience Sylvia grew frustated. Nothing was working. Her fears were raising the cage.
With one last swing, the cage came tumbling down. Sylvia was free. She did not need the key. Her empty heart set her free.

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