Pop Culture Challenge: I Can Has Emmy in Box?

It was Christmas time and everything was perfect. Jenna was curled up in her husband’s La-Z-Boy recliner. He had insisted she wait down here, but she didn’t know why. She hadn’t seen anything resembling a present upstairs, and she had looked! She searched the room from top to bottom, and found NOTHING ! She wondered what he could POSSIBLY hide that well.

She watched him coming down the stairs, carrying a beautifully wrapped box at just below waist level…

He didn’t she thought to herself PLEASE tell me he didn’t…Justin Timberlake’s emmy-winning SNL song was NOT what she wanted to inspire her husband’s gift choice!

He came down, with a big grin on his face, and sat on the couch. “I’ve got your present, honey, come open it!”

She nearly groaned, but quickly stifled it. She went over, and lifted the lid of the box and looked inside.

She dropped the lid on the floor and ran up to their bedroom.

“Honey,” James called up, “What’s wrong, honey?”

“You don’t get someone a puppy for Christmas!!”

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