Lack of Prelude to a Question

Den ran through in his mind what he was doing: give card, get drink, breathe, turn, don’t spill, hand to girl, turn back, sign receipt, say thank you, breathe. That all went smoother than he expected. April even smiled.
That’s when things got weird. I don’t mean flying monkeys or aliens weird. I just mean outside his expectations weird. When he turned to go back to his table, she followed. He sat down, and she sat down across from him.
“Waffle fry?” he offered, rather unsure of where this was going. But still, a waffle fry was pretty harmless.
“Thanks, but I think I’m good with my drink.” Again, she smiled. What was going on here? Now she was looking at him funny. He called it funny because he couldn’t tell what it meant, only that she looked quizzical.
“What brings you to the mall?” Stupid question! She’s a girl; they’re drawn to malls like flies to carrion. She only shrugged and looked around. He couldn’t blame her.
Then she turned to him very seriously, “Do you think I’m stuck up?”

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