Highschool Never Ends

“Four years, you think for sure that’s all you’ve got to endure.” Over and over, Bowling For Soup played in her head. No kidding, she thought to herself. If it weren’t for her friends, she would have moved to collegiate because, while it was still high school, she would have to endure less college later on.

Five AP classes, four books to read, three best friends, two sports, and a job were crazy on the brain. And the back. Her right shoulder ached from where her messenger bag had been digging into muscle and bone. You have to be a marine to run to class with this much weight. I could have already clepped boot camp.

“You told him?! I can’t believe you told him,” and then Carolyn stormed off. Hm… it’s too bad I didn’t tell him… That thing about staying for friends- was it really worth it?

But there were boys.

Not the romantically interesting boys, but the awesome ones you stay up late and watch movies with, or wrestle in the front yard

“Hey babe!” Ah, boys she sighed contentedly.

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