Dead Before Graduation

Angela Ferros was elbow deep in the Bufo americanus she and her squeamish lab partners were dissecting.
“What are you doing?â€?
Angela looked up at the girl through foggy goggles. “I’m dissecting.â€?
“It’s gross…â€?
“It’s a frog.â€? She continued until she heard the other two girls gag and retch. She backed away from the table and lifted her goggles. “ Come on…”
Angela paused. Now all the other students were choking on gagging on what seemed to be nothing. Their teacher had fallen to the floor.Students were collapsing onto the lab tables, some seizing and shaking. She watched a kid, Ben, land right on top of a partially dissected frog.
Suddenly, a groan from behind. She turned around to see Mrs. Heath. She tried to move closer to her teacher. After all, she could certainly explain what had happened. Angela stopped dead.
Lodged in her chest was the scapel she had been holding before she fell. Her teacher lurched forward, furiously clawing towards Angela with her hands.

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