The Hidden

Still so quiet, still so desperately, I waited for the end
Stuck in such a quiet, such a desperate place.
Hopelessly hoping for something to hope for
Are you paying attention? Can you hear the irony?
I hear the throats ripped raw from saying what they need to
I feel the hearts torn up from holding what the want to.
I tell you these things yet I keep them hidden in my secret place
Beneath all the truths, and deeper than the lies
I keep them hidden in this desperate place
So quietly now, you whisper my name
For goodbyes or hellos, it seems I’ll never know
In this white, white room
In this quiet, quiet place
With all the hidden, with all the hidden
With all the nothing, with absolutely nothing
I look in the mirror and touch your hand
WIth all the hidden
Do you understand?
You are my hidden.

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