Sworn to Secrecy

It was all just a charade, one that I participated in daily how ever tedius and futile it may have been. This was just another one of those feigned forgivenesses. A shrouded figure entered behind the screen. I lowered my newspaper, though I could hardly tear my eyes away from a very interesting school shooting, and eyed the silhouette. He smelled rancid. He was about 5’9” and had awful posture. He took his seat and remained quiet for a moment, sulking. Then, in the crackling voice of an adolescent male, he began:

“Bless me father for I have sinned.”

I nodded in approval, apathetically forgetting my line.

“I… lied to my parents… teased my little brother… copied my friend’s homework…” he continued to recite his sins as I daydreamed a bit, until something caught my attention, “I… stole a gun… shot my teacher and three classmates…”

I recited my line, “I absolve you of your sins…” but unattainable absolution was the last thing on my mind. It was the unattainable $10,000 reward I wanted.

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