The Insane Knight Pillages a Village part 1

“These are desperate times, Tlod.”

The Insane Knight sat astride his dragon named Horse, on a small hill overlooking the village of Avaloniaburgtown. Tlod, his headless, undead, dwarven sidekick, stood on the ground next to them.

The Knight continued his rambling. “Desperate times warrant desperate measures, my friend. We’ve already robbed the man in the forest of his clothes, but we still need supplies if we are ever going to catch the hooligan that stole your head. We must pillage Avaloniaburgtown.”

Tlod shrugged.

The Insane Knight unsheathed his Imaginary Sword from its Imaginary Sheath and raised it over his head. “Charge!” he shouted. “Take no prisoners!”

Horse stretched his wings, lowered his hindquarters, raised his tail, and defecated on Tlod.

“Tlod! I think our horse is broken! We will have to charge by foot!”

The Insane Knight jumped off of Horse the Dragon and ran towards Avaloniaburgtown, screaming nonsensical battle cries. Tlod climbed from the feces and walked after him.

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