Wear It

“Does this smell okay to you?”

Jonie furrowed her eyebrows as she rummaged through the closet.

“What?” She asked. “Does this shirt smell okay to you?” Ben asked again, holding up his tan button-up. “Are you serious?” Jonie quesitoned. Ben put the shirt to his face and inhaled. He found nothing wrong with it. “I guess..” He finally replied.

“Ben, we’re going to Jason and Kelly’s wedding reception.” She reminded. Ben avoided eye contact with her and looked at his shirt. “Can you at least humor me?” He begged. Jonie rolled her eyes but held out her hands for his shirt. Ben cracked a smile and threw her the shirt. Jonie caught it, pushing through her palms.

Secretly, she loved this shirt. She brought the shirt to her face and took a deep breath. Instantly, she smelled Ben’s cologne. It smelled fruity and sweet, enticing her. A blissful smile spread across her face and she reluctantly pulled the shirt away. “Well?” Ben questioned, interrupting her happiness.

Jonie gave up. “Fine, wear it.”

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